Dehumidifiers for Storage: Effective Preservation

How dehumidifiers are being utilised in the preservation and storage of artefacts

Successfully protecting important inventory requires more than just a secure facility, as unstable moisture control can lead to the rapid deterioration in the quality and value of the  items being stored. Storage facilities without  effective humidity control can be prone to a damp environment, leading to mould, warpage and consequential damage. .

From classic car storage to art conservation to protecting electronics,  Calorex dehumidifiers are at work protecting   environments and facilities. In this article, we look at how various applications  in the storage, preservation and archiving industry are benefitting from  tailored humidity control.

Dehumidifiers for Vintage & classic car storage

 Calorex dehumidifiers play a pivotal role in proper vintage and classic car storage, ensuring that the vehicles are kept in pristine condition, away from the threat of rust and corrosion caused by poor moisture control. Damage to these vehicles has serious consequences to their value, which no amount of cleaning or polishing will likely resolve.

Steel and other corrosive metals  will degrade if stored in humidity levels above 55 per cent, so classic car storage facilities must  incorporate  humidity control.  Calorex dehumidifiers will prevent rust and mould by removing harmful moisture from the atmosphere,  eliminate condensation and prevent corrosion.

Art conservation & preservation

If not stored and preserved properly, art is prone to deterioration from several external factors. These  include, incorrect temperature and humidity levels,  , pests, mould,  pollutants and human error. To mitigate deterioration caused by humidity levels,  Calorex dehumidifiers are a proven method of  effective moisture control .

 Dean Hill Bunkers in the UK is used by many national arts organisations as their designated conservation facility. The lack of sunlight, protection from the elements and a relatively stable air temperature make the underground tunnels an ideal storage option. Even there however, there are instances where the natural environment requires additional dehumidification to maintain the right storage conditions..

Protection of electronic equipment

One of the leading data centre operators in Singapore  recently commissioned  Calorex dehumidifiers s to protect their high-value computer equipment from potentially catastrophic condensation. The Centre’s building management system controls the air conditioning and dehumidifiers to ensure the  temperature and moisture conditions are at optimum  levels at all times…

 A total of 48 DH150 Calorex dehumidifiers  are used throughout the building and were chosen due to  their  low power consumption and acknowledged low maintenance cost. When compared to other systems, Calorex’s DH150s consume two thirds less energy, and ongoing servicing costs are limited to a simple function check.

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