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Australian Climate Agencies offers a complete design and advice service to match the best product options to your requirements. We then work directly, or in conjunction with our distributors and resellers, to ensure consultants, contractors and companies have the right information to make a value judgement.

Frico and Calorex are experts in their respective fields with extensive product portfolios of high quality, leading edge, effective equipment. So, you can always expect innovative, energy saving solutions.

With over 20 years’ experience supplying the Australian market, Frico and Calorex products have a track record for reliability, performance and sustainability


Air Curtain

Buildings are air conditioned for the comfort of staff and customers, and yet entrance / exit doors are left unprotected wasting energy and increasing air conditioning loads. Air curtains correctly designed, built, operated and controlled provide that protection. FRICO THE EXPERTS IN AIR CURTAINS

Radiant Htg

For those large areas that require heating, often intermittently, why use air conditioning and natural gas solutions that are inefficient and expensive to run. Electric radiant heating provides a cost effective, sensible alternative. FRICO THE EXPERTS IN RADIANT HEATING, offer an extensive range of options for commercial, industrial and outdoor use.

Fan Htg and Convection Heating

At either end of the heating spectrum are fan heaters and convection heaters. Fan heaters for commercial and industrial use, high temperature, exacting environments, tough, reliable.

Convection heaters, low energy, relaxing, comfortable heat. FRICO THE EXPERTS IN FAN AND CONVECTION HEATING.


Calorex Catalogue 2023 EN page 0001
Moisture, the hidden menace in enclosed spaces, manufacturing, printing, storage, art galleries indoor pools and in countless other applications. Moisture causes untold damage to goods, processes and building fabric. Significant health risks to young and old is caused by uncontrolled moisture.

CALOREX, for nearly 50 years, has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing high quality products that help alleviate and control this problem.

There is a common misconception that heat can control moisture issues. While it can lift moisture from items, the process is uncontrolled and unless that moisture is captured and expelled, it will remain in the atmosphere and re-settle elsewhere. DEHUMIDIFICATION provides safe, controlled drying and CALOREX ARE LEADERS IN THIS FIELD.